Podcast Show Notes: Michael’s Chicken Noodle Soup for Your Soul

Michael’s Chicken Noodle Soup for Your Soul! As referenced in the Moral Matters Podcast Episode 6 with Michael Fedor.


Large stock pot (not less than 16 qt)
Rolling pin (if you’re going to make your own noodles)

1 whole chicken roaster or fryer
3 T butter (salted preferably)
2 yellow onions
2-3 garlic cloves
3-4 carrots (2 – 3 c chopped)
4-5 celery stalks (2-3 c chopped) preferably with the leaves, which are going into the soup
3-4 chicken bouillon cubes
Water32-64 oz of chicken stock or broth
2-3 bay leavesSalt and Pepper
Fresh bunch of parsley or dried parsley (1 tsp)


The key to great soup is patience and time. Don’t rush it. Given each set of ingredients time to reduce down.

I find this results in a better soup than boiling it all together at once.

Clean and dry the roaster/fryer.

Fill the stock pot about half-way with water.

Add in the fryer/roaster so that it is submerged.

Bring to a rolling boil, then simmer 45-55 min.

Carefully remove cooked chicken as in-tact as possible from pot and allow to cool on a platter.

While chicken is cooling, chop onion and garlic and add to the stock pot water in which the chicken was cooked. Bring to a boil. Chop celery, leaves and carrots.

Add to the water which should continue on a rolling simmer. Add in bouillon cubes and half the chicken stock you plan to use. Add salt.

This is going to be to your taste but don’t be shy. At least 1 tsp. Maybe 2. And a healthy amount of pepper. 1/2 tsp for startersNow pull that chicken off the bone, adding as much meat (white and dark) as you can remove from the bones and into the pot. Stir!

Now we are looking for consistency. Too thick? Add more broth/stock. Add bay leaves some chopped or dried parsley to the pot and butter and allow to cook on low / medium for at least an hour.

Place a sample into a bowl and taste. You want a richness and full flavor in that first sip. Too weak? Add remainder of broth/stock. Simmer another hour on low.

While you are waiting for it to cook, make your noodles if you’re going the homemade route. These are simple.

1 egg
2 T water
1 c flour
Salt (1/2 tsp or less)

In medium bowl, whisk together egg, water and salt. Then gradually fold in flour with a wooden spoon. Switch to your hands to knead the dough. You’ll know it’s done when it is smooth and still moist. Set aside for 15-20 min.

Halve the dough, then roll it out onto floured surface, creating 1/4” to 1/2” thick circle dough. Using a knife, cut in strips, then to lengths of about 2” or less.
Taste the soup. How’s it doing. Needs more salt and pepper most likely.  Soup needs to be exciting not bland, so don’t be shy with the seasoning. 

About 10 min before you’re ready to eat, toss in enough of your noodles for two servings per guest.

Noodles cook IN THE SOUP. How about that? When the noodles float, they are ready and the soup is ready to serve.

Always serve soup hot and with salt and pepper for further seasoning per serving/guest.

If you do not feel up for homemade noodles, consider a hearty egg noodle for your soup. Boil in a separate pot and allow people to fill their bowl with noodles before adding the soup to their individual bowls.

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