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Newsy: Medical Workers Treating COVID-19 Patients Face Mental Health Risks

Health experts say it’s crucial to acknowledge and mitigate the risks to clinicians mental health in the short and long terms.

Medical workers treating COVID-19 patients are at increased risk of mental health issues. Experts say it’s crucial to acknowledge and mitigate those risks in the short and long terms. Dr. Wendy Dean was interviewed for her perspective on how to shift the oncoming moral injury onslaught.

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Time Magazine: ‘We Carry That Burden.’ Medical Workers Fighting COVID-19 Are Facing a Mental Health Crisis

Medical Workers Fighting COVID-19 Are Facing a Mental Health Crisis. If healthcare workers can’t provide the care they typically believe is medically necessary for their patients, they may experience a phenomenon known as “moral injury,” says Dr. Wendy Dean, a psychiatrist and the co-founder of the nonprofit Moral Injury of Healthcare.

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Medscape: How to Reclaim Physician Autonomy

The sad truth is that many physicians are dissatisfied with their careers. They still enjoy helping their patients, but often feel beaten down by many challenges that overwhelm the reason they went into medicine in the first place. Surveys show that many physicians blame a lack of autonomy for their frustration. But what does physician autonomy mean in today’s healthcare world?

In the video below, Dr. Wendy Dean is interviewed by Medscape on how physicians can reclaim their autonomy and find satisfaction in their roles again. The transcription is available on Medscape, or by clicking here.

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NTD: Doctors Struggle With ‘Moral Injury’ Caused by Business Side of Health Care

“In modern day healthcare, who is really in charge of how patients are treated? Healthcare providers are starting to speak out about how the business side of the industry can interfere with doctors providing the best care for patients. Some call it a “broken healthcare system.”

Dr. Wendy Dean was interviewed by Melina Wisecoup, in the NTD studio in New York City, to discuss moral injury and the business of healthcare.

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Lown Institute: The Link Between Overuse and Burnout

Clinician burnout—feeling unfulfilled, emotionally exhausted, and detached—has become an epidemic. While frustrating electronic medical records play a significant role in burnout, there is more to the issue than just administrative burden. Clinicians are facing a crisis of morality. The movement to bring attention to moral injury highlights the ways in which overuse and burnout are linked. The systemic factors that lead to overuse and waste are also hurting clinicians. Read The Link Between Overuse and Burnout on the Lown Institute below.

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