Mental Health Resources

Professional Resources

Therapy Aid

Therapy Aid provides pro-bono therapy for frontline health care professionals, including individual and group support.

The Emotional PPE Project

The Emotional PPE Project connects health care professionals with licensed mental health professionals who can help. This service is free and does not require insurance.

Covid Mental Health Support

Covid Mental Health Support from the Pandemic Crisis Services Response Coalition offers free mental health support, searchable by area.

The Battle Within

The Battle Within provides free therapy to medical personnel, first responders and veterans. Private therapists are available to work with individuals in crisis, or who are experiencing grief, anxiety, stress or trauma.

911 At Ease International

911 At Ease International provides access to free trauma-informed counseling for frontline responders and families, including police, fire, paramedics, emergency medical personnel and other essential agencies.

Peer Support Groups


PeerRxMed is a free peer-to-peer program for physicians and other health care professionals. PeerRxMed offers support, connection, encouragement, resources and skill building for optimal well-being.

Physician's Support Line

Physician’s Support Line helps physicians and medical students navigate personal and professional challenges through a volunteer network of psychiatrists.

The American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress

The American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress offers online support groups for emergency responders and health care workers.

Nurse Groups

Nurse Groups is a free and confidential videoconference group service for nurses to connect and process issues related to COVID-19.

Disaster Response Assets Network

Disaster Response Assets Network offers free online peer support groups for frontline responders and health care professionals.

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