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Talkspace: How Medical Workers Are Coping With The Trauma of COVID-19

“The pandemic arrived to a healthcare system that’s already deeply in crisis,” said Wendy Dean, a psychiatrist and president of Moral Injury of Healthcare, a group that advocates for more sustainable medical workplaces. “All of the challenges that clinicians are facing prior to the pandemic are just highlighted, exacerbated, and added to.”

In this piece with Talkspace, Dr. Dean outlines some of the basics of moral injury prevention for individuals to take.

As always, our organization has resources available for organizations and individuals experiencing moral injury due to COVID-19.

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Boise State Public Radio: As COVID-19 Takes A Toll On Doctors’ Mental Health, Nevada Psychiatrists Offer An Ear

“It’s going to take weeks or months before people are really able to take a breath and start thinking about all they’ve seen, all they’ve experienced and to start processing it,” Dr. Wendy Dean says. “I firmly believe that the mental health surge is going to be significantly delayed from the viral surge.”

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Annals of Emergency Medicine: Moral Injury: The Invisible Epidemic in COVID Health Care Workers

Dr. Wendy Dean co-authored this peer-reviewed paper with Dr. Breanne Jacobs and Dr. Rita Manfredi.

Medicine is mourning 3 of our own during the past few weeks, cut down not by the virus, as too many others were, but by their own hands in the midst of the crisis. They signal death by suicide and the arrival of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) Curve 1.5—the surge of trauma, grief, and moral injury swelling during the pandemic response.

If the paper is behind a paywall after some time, please contact us directly for a PDF of the paper. We would be happy to share.

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The Daily Beast: Health Insurance Companies Thrive While the Pandemic Ravages America

While other corners of the health-care world struggled to care for patients, protect staff, and find scarce equipment, for-profit health insurance companies did just fine. Drs. Wendy Dean and Simon G. Talbot co-authored this article with Dr. Samuel Shem.

Crises often highlight both the best and the worst of humanity. Coronavirus is no exception. It has brought out the best in America’s health-care workforce. It also has deeply wounded the healthcare workers through moral injuries.

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